Let’s get this thing started

For months, I’ve been itching to get back to the blogging world. I miss writing. I haven’t publicly blogged at all in over two years, in any capacity. This was in part a conscious decision, and partly just a temporary hiatus that ended up morphing into a longer one. Over time, I realized my brief break was turning into an indefinite vacation.

This was evidenced every time I tried to write something on my blog. My WordPress post library is filled with dozens of posts in various states of completion – ones I barely started, ones I spent considerable time on, ones that I had basically finished but never hit Publish on. I eventually realized that I simply didn’t want to deal with it anymore – the hassle of putting hours into a post only to have 5 people click on it, or of saying something I regret later on. And I had lost my outlet to a wider audience due to my neglect. It just simply was too intimidating a task to start again.

But something changed in the past few months. I began to regain confidence in my voice, and began to see that I can have a part to play. I started to miss the enjoyment and pride that comes when you write something and someone you respect praises it, or you garner a comment or two that either challenges or enforces your take and helps you expand your thinking. And more and more, I saw too many things going on in the world and realized that I could no longer be a passive observer. Even if my part is small, I must try and play it.

I will fully admit now I don’t know where this is going. It could flame out again. It could gain enough momentum to at least continue forward. Or, maybe, it could become something more and actually matter a little bit. It’s too soon to tell. But what is clear is one thing – I need a place to write, to vent, to comment, to debate, to learn. I need to be something, whatever it may be.

One word on this blog – I intend for this blog to be essentially a representation of myself. What this means is that there are no set rules on what will be covered. There will be politics, sure. But there’s more to life. There will also be personal stories, random thoughts, maybe some coverage of music or movies. I’ll go over more of this later as it comes up.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride as this Brain Lemon thing comes into its own. It could go a lot of directions – personal blogging, YouTube videos, podcasts, contributing to other sites. I am not sure for now. But it needs to start somewhere, so here we are. I’d love to have you as part of it.